web development

My web development experience goes back to early HTML sites and continues today with custom PHP / HTML / CSS coding, mainly for clients who desire a customized WordPress theme and plugin integration.

While I have some graphic production capacity, I generally work with full-time (and fantastic) graphic designers and user experience designers who provide me with graphic standards, logos, web-ready fonts, and the imagery needed for the site.

With these designs I can work to create a responsive, mobile-ready site that is customized to work for your business, whether that means e-commerce, appointment scheduling, or attractive portfolios. I aim to provide a site that can be modified and administered by its owner, but can also provide ongoing support on an hourly basis.

Some recently developed sites include:
rollingriverspirits.com (Sefener Design / Double Down Productions)
vanbeeksystems.com (Sefener Design)
petuniaspiesandpastries.com (Graphic Lime / Double Down Productions)
henrybrowninteriors.com (Jenny Karkoska Graphic Design)
bedfordbrown.com (Jenny Karkoska Graphic Design)


Since every web project comes with unique challenges and opportunities (and the technology is always changing), I recommend that you get in touch so we can determine if I am the right developer for your project.