sarah-as-stockSarah Steinberg started Strikeforce Design in 2008 to help a keep creative group of friends occupied critiquing, designing, and staying current with technology and concepts. She is Strikeforce’s owner, designer, illustrator and experimentor, and loves to learn, teach, and try new things. With a background in watercolor, drawing and creative writing, and an education in architecture, Sarah has a breadth of skills that can contribute to many different kinds of projects. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, reading and writing, and exploring Portland.

Sarah works with a variety of contributors- architectural designers, drafters, and modelers, web programmers, and whoever else is needed  to create top quality work.

Whether you have a single project that you need help with or periodic overflow work, Strikeforce Design is ready to help. With a great sense of humor and whimsy, Sarah loves to design things that will make our clients, and yours, smile.