Withdrawal Agreement Future Framework

It is important to note that the controversial Northern Ireland backstop agreement will never enter into force if the future trade agreement is concluded under the transitional period. Given that the transition period can be extended, it is possible that the Backstop of Northern Ireland will never become a reality. This was a period of negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and the EU. During the transition period, the UK remained in the EU internal market and customs union and has always contributed to the EU budget, while maintaining the free movement of citizens for that period, but it is no longer represented in EU decision-making bodies, including the European Parliament. 245.The text of the statement on digital data remains unchanged. It calls for the creation of “provisions to facilitate e-commerce, remove unwarranted barriers to electronic trading, and ensure an open, safe and trustworthy online environment for businesses and consumers.” These provisions should also facilitate cross-border data flows, which should be read in addition to personal data protection provisions252. It also proposes sectoral agreements to ensure that service providers have fair and equitable access to public telecommunications networks and services253. The UK and EU call on the UK and the EU to begin formal negotiations on future relations as soon as the UK leaves the EU and to seek a new framework for relations by 2020 (the planned end of the transition period under the withdrawal agreement). 295.The parties agree to enter into reciprocal agreements for the exchange of passenger record data (PNR) as well as DNA data, fingerprints and vehicle registration data via the Prem system. Both systems are highly valued by the British law enforcement agencies as witnesses to our Brexit 2016 investigation: future security and police cooperation between Britain and the EU has been documented.287 There are no less concrete obligations to consider other data-sharing mechanisms that could “bring together” EU mechanisms, but there is no mention of siS (Schengen Information System) II, nor of the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS), which witnesses have identified as “the main priorities for the United Kingdom”288, but that no non-European country (or, in the case of SIS II, non-EU and/or not) currently does not have access.289 262.It also provides that maritime service by passengers and cargo should be supported by the international legal framework. Cooperation in maritime security should be facilitated, including the exchange of information between the European Maritime Safety Agency and the UK Maritime Coast and Safety Services262. This is evident from Boris Johnson`s letter to The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, dated 2 October.

The Prime Minister described the “backstop as a bridge to a future proposed relationship with the EU, in which the UK would be closely integrated into EU customs rules and, in many areas, brought into line with EU law.”