Video Footage License Agreement Template

(d) If you have acquired an extended license, the licensee may only use the video material to develop a final product for a single Direct End customer. This FILMPAC (TM) STOCK FOOTAGE LICENSE AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) defines the conditions under which FILMPAC LLC, a limited liability company in Oregon (“FILMPAC”), provides access to licenses (as defined below) to FILMPAC`s film equipment. VIDEO CLIP CONTRAT OF LICENCE This video video license agreement (agreement) is made and effective [DATE] CONSIDERING that the copyright holder is the copyright holder on certain film recordings identified in this document, and the licensee is the creator and owner of a specific site on the World Wide Web that wishes to integrate the owner`s video clips into this site. 10.12 “LICENCE” refers to the company or person who is the intended beneficiary of the licence described in point 1.1 of this agreement. The EHINAUS LICENSE may be the PURCHASER, but should not be as long as the licensee is correctly identified with FILMPAC during the footage purchase process. (k) direct customers cannot modify, modify or modify the final product, these rights are limited to the taker and can only be authorized by sublicensings. 4.1 Property reserve. The film belongs to Filmpac. No ownership or copyright of the content of the film will be transferred to the licensee by issuing the license contained in this agreement. FilmPAC does not grant the licensee explicit or implied rights or licenses for material or works derived from the film, unless expressly stated in this agreement. All registrations on the site are protected by Canadian and international copyright laws. Discover the footage and/or the various artists and/or entities that provide footage to Discover Footage (“Contributors”) own all rights, including copyrights on and on film material.

Discover Footage and/or its contributors reserve all rights to and from film material that is not expressly granted to you by the terms of this individual use license. Your rights to use video material are subject to this license and are related to your payment to Discover Footage for your use of the film. If you do not pay Discover Footage, if you are due, or if a cheque is disgraced or if credit card fees are refused or refunded, your account is considered a misdemeanor. If your account becomes a crime, your right to use downloaded videos at any time ends, unless all payments and any interest and fees for Discover Footage collection, bank fees and credit card processing are immediately received by The Discover Footage. 3. The owner wishes to obtain a licence authorizing the purchaser`s use of the plant under the terms of this agreement, and the licensee has agreed to grant a licence authorizing the purchaser`s use of the plant. 7.3 Compensation by the licensee. The licensee will defend at its own expense: the associated companies and their respective directors, directors, representatives, representatives and employees unscathed from any losses resulting from the activities of the licensee or the underlicden in the context or in the context of this agreement (except losses that arise directly from a right to compensation in accordance with Section 7.2) or the violation of this provision by the licensee or the sub-owner. (h) the licensee shall not use video material to create digital models, unless these models are used exclusively for the marketing of the licensee`s company. The resale of digital models containing film equipment is strictly prohibited. Unless this license is expressly provided, you cannot sell, rent, load, give, sub-concede or transfer the material or the right to use the film to third parties.

In addition, the work you produce with film material must be used for yourself, for your employer, client or customer, who must be the end user of your work. You agree to take all economically responsible measures for Drit`s action