Treasury Board Service Level Agreements

The Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner has three service agreements with other Canadian government departments for internal support services. SHRS-PSPC provides staff and work services as well as compensation services. CHRC provides financial management, administration and procurement of IT and my GCHR support services (My GCHR Help Desk and Reporting). Compensation benefits were transferred from CHRC to SHRS-PSPC effective June 11, 2018. Service level extensions: If a customer needs a level of service (for example. B hours of service, transit time, reporting frequency) beyond the proposed standard level, a provider may offer a number of optional service level extensions. In order to simplify and streamline the guidelines for trade agreements, the information previously contained in this section has been included in sections 1.25.2 General Principles of Trade Agreements and 1.25.3 on the definition of scope under a trade agreement. Services must ensure that they have a legal mandate to provide a service before providing funds to the service of service in the delivery or cooperation in the delivery of the service. Services providing services must also be empowered to recover costs and, if necessary, return revenue.

Any cost recovery model used must be consistent with existing cost recovery authorities and Ministry of Finance policies. The objective of the review of three third-party service agreements was to determine whether the conditions of the social economy were being met and that services were being provided efficiently and efficiently and constituted cheap value for money. This section describes how all services covered by the AD are measured and reported. It should describe the distribution and frequency of performance reports and governance committees that participate in performance evaluation meetings. It is also worth describing the process of improving service on one or more services in response to performance defects. The client/service provider and the collaborative relationships mentioned above can and are used both for the provision of ongoing services and for the provision of specific unique projects.