Scout Scouts closely appear like a rather larger player with specific oval sacs on their head.

Scout Scouts closely appear like a rather larger player with specific oval sacs on their head.

The lookout (often referred to as “Tentacles,” “Tendrils,” or “Feeler”) regarded particular enemies from inside the complex and act as a pressure multiplier by warning and phoning foes around the professional. The Scout is among the couple of opponents experienced which don’t rest, instead positively patrolling the company’s specific cities and sporadically expanding lengthy tendrils being identify hazards. If a player comes in contact with the tendrils (or feelers), it produce a loud shout, getting out of bed any close opposition and spawning brand new ones near.


Scouts intently appear like a somewhat bigger Shooter with distinct oval sacs on their head. Although they express a comparable appearances to Shooters, the two place a lot of tendrils utilized to consider dangers. These just come as soon as the Scout is not patrolling rather than alarmed. Unlike sleepers, which beam scarlet, Scouts will radiate a distinct light blue color whenever alerted.


The Scout possess a probability of spawning only in most rooms, many of which are typically vital to the culmination of a target. They make a sound similar to that of deafening, simple actions since they try to walk. This noise is actually audible through entrances, letting users discover before their unique occurrence.

Behavior [ ]

The lookout’s primary factor should identify players as they’re in stealth. It can this by patrolling areas in a random sample, which makes it challenging to envision the moves. It occasionally expands their very long tendrils in all directions, when it creates connection with any pro its alerted from the athlete’s occurrence. This will make the lookout tough to means for a silent melee murder.

Any time alerted through get in touch with made out of the tendrils, they’ll shine reddish together with the lookout will retract them for any time before emitting a green light and yelling. This light also show the invulnerability while doing this price and shout course. Loud disturbance in the same place like gunfire, a sleeper loss (close), alongside informed sleepers’ screams will immediately trigger the lookout. Strong contact or an attack which doesn’t destroy they immediately may also quickly bring they.

The lookout’s scream will alert enemies in the current space, it’ll spawn another wave of foes and also of this recent enemies the map, which newly produced opposition can scream and wake local places if participants are actually turn off. If also near, the lookout’s scream will also quickly deafen the player.

Just after the shout, the Scout are going to be stunned on the ground for some seconds (discover screen grab below), then growing to be vulnerable again and aggressive. The Scout have a medium degree overall health, and its own hit activities incredibly much like the ones from large Shooters. Poor melee strikes, they helps to keep its length, firing bursts of four projectiles with the people, all of them coping 4percent problems. If murdered after becoming informed, it’ll make a loud and serious growling appear.

Procedures [ ]

The lookout is killed really short span of one’s time being prevent they from coming to be invulnerable. It is recommended determine the entirety of an issue before attacking it (doorways keeping shut, countries to escape to, etc.).

Stealth kill [ ]

  • A totally chargedmelee hit-in your head will stealth eliminate a lookout. The gamer will use C-foam for making this quicker and less dangerous, this provides another five moments to complete the remove (nevertheless demands a charged melee encounter). This could easily be completed once a Scout’s tendrils are made bigger if there are no sleepers around, as there is going to be a smallish years (2 seconds) after touching the tendrils where you can still destroy it earlier shouts.
  • The sniper rifle will one-shot a Scout when you look at the mind. The remove could be hushed if pro destroys they from faraway and from some other space (35 yards appear to be the smallest amount of needed).

Routine eliminate [ ]

  • a my own may be placed in the lookout’s upper body way to detonate and one-shot they. (know: be mindful to be able to place the mine with its laser straight away coming in contact with the lookout, the mine will increase from the member)
  • The pump shotgun will lose a Scout within try, assuming the player try close adequate to get the pellets struck either the head or the backside. Headshots are simpler to realize when the Scout bends along.

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