Redevelopment Agreement Between Society And Developer

Members of the association may submit in writing their realistic plans/proposals and recommendations for the renovation of the company`s building as well as the names of experienced and competent architects/project management advisors on the board, to their knowledge 8 days before the meeting date. However, they must submit letters/offers from project management consultants to the company indicating that they are ready to carry out the aforementioned renovations. In most cases, the developer negotiates the renovation contract with the company`s board of directors. In this case, the management committee is responsible for all the possibilities of protecting the interests of the residents and taking all necessary measures to avoid litigation at a later stage. (3) The decision on the renovation of the buildings of the housing companies is taken at the special general meeting (MBS) of the company, in accordance with the registered statutes of that company, according to the procedure provided for by these directives. However, given the urgency of the demolition of high-construction and hazardous structures (Category C-1), the BMC is prepared to authorize demolition without CC and to stop the new construction on the site until residents/occupiers enter into a permanent alternative accommodation agreement with the owners/developers. When a company appoints a developer for reconstruction and pays the developer for reconstruction, there is no room for manoeuvre for the company. Very often in these situations, the association rejects additional housing or surface indices built at subsidized costs, market prices or even for free. In such cases, there will be no taxable income for these members, as they would fall within the concept of reciprocity. However, individual members who decide to sell such additional housing would be taxed in the usual way. For the renovation of buildings belonging to all the affiliates of the Federation, each company is required, at its Special General Assembly, to honour the quorum of 2/3 of its members, and this resolution is approved by the majority of the members present, which may represent at least 51% of the total number of members of that society.

b) to obtain information on the transport of the social land. The decision in question will therefore be taken by a majority of no less than 51% of the total number of members of society, for example.B.