Microsoft Support Service Level Agreement

Of course, this goes for the entire Office 365, so downtime is calculated for all Office 365 users, and since Office 365 is made up of many individual services, each service could go below these averages and have no real influence on the overall percentage of Office 365 uptime. For individual customers, uptime percentages may be higher or lower depending on their location and usage mode compared to the overall number of availabilities. Azure Virtual WAN is a network service that provides an optimized and automated connection between branch offices through Azure. Virtual WAN enables customers to connect branch offices with each other and with Azure and centralize their network and security requirements with virtual appliances such as firewalls and azure network and security services. Office 365, operated by 21Vianet, is a service that is only offered and operated in China. This service is based on technology that Microsoft has licensed to 21Vianet. For more information, see Office 365 operated by 21Vianet. Microsoft does not specifically cover Microsoft Team uptime or interrupt Office 365 service availability. However, you are talking publicly here about the office 365 up-and-running life as a whole.

Microsoft therefore offers a service SLA for an SLA of 99.9 operating hours per month, up to 43 minutes 49.7 seconds of downtime per month before being injured. This is consistent with most other Office 365 services, which also offer a 99.9% SLA. SLA does not apply when the non-reading of expense data is due to issues with inter-cloud breakpoints, services outside of Azure Cost Management, or Azure configuration changes. US Cloud has over 20 years of experience in Microsoft technologies. As a managed service provider, we managed 2.1 billion connections and processed more than 100,000 support tickets. Our Premier Support is customized to allow you to choose the support you need and the products you need. FluentPro aims to respond to new premium support requests on average within 8 business hours and provide an update at least every 48 hours for existing support requests. Premium assistance is provided with all its strength in accordance with the aforementioned AA; However, we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the customer or for other reasons that are beyond our control. Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 3:00 am – 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Microsoft Teams SLA is documented in the Microsoft Online Services Level Agreement. The agreement is publicly available here from Microsoft. You should refer to this document as authoritarian and not as my blog.

I am not a lawyer and the agreement exists between Microsoft and the client, but here is a breakdown of the most important points. While Microsoft offers a top-notch guarantee for their service, they even exceeded their promise in the past fiscal year. In fiscal year 2013 (June 2012-July 2013), Microsoft`s actual global availability was astonishing 99.98%, 99.98%, 99.97%, 99.94%, and 99.97% per quarter for service. We guarantee that the Azure Cost Management service is available 99.9% of the time to view and manage your cross cloud editions (currently limited to AWS). The table below defines the severity of support requests and the initial response time generally expected, as well as the escalation and update times provided by FluentPro. Our support team works two shifts per business day (3:00 am – 11 am and 11:00 am – 7:00 pm US Time). One working day is equivalent to 16 hours of work). Virtual Machine Scale Sets is a free service, so it doesn`t have a financially guaranteed SLA.

However, if VM scale groups contain virtual machines in at least 2 error domains, the availability of the underlying SLA applies to the virtual machines. For more information, see the SLA for Virtual Machines….