Ex Partner On Tenancy Agreement

I agree with Paul that the local manager needs to be informed about this IT case. I would probably follow the path so that a computer survivor is not disadvantaged while the rent issue is solved, and computer science is an area in which GOV specifically aims to do more to help survivors. The governor requested additional proposals during the last consultation, which ended in May. It is possible to apply for a court injunction to prevent your ex from ordering a termination. However, this can only be done for a limited time and only if there is a realistic prospect that the lease will be transferred to you of one of the types listed below. It is therefore not a solution, but only temporary protection. Contact your nearest citizen council before proceeding if you are concerned that your landlord will refuse to start a new lease with one of you. If you talk to an advisor, take a copy of your lease if you can. Hello. You can both own the entire property – known as a “joint lease”. You can own the property in a common name, but you each own a certain share of your value – known as a “common lease”.

If you are a common tenant, your shares can be equal – for example half – or unequal. You can find out what type of condominium you have on GOV.UK. If you live in the property and your ex is gone, he can end the entire lease – including your right to stay there – with a one-month delay without notifying you. .