Dga Tv Agreement

The DGA`s negotiations with the management`s AMPTP, which began on 10 February, were concluded last Wednesday with an interim agreement. The DGA agreement is expected to set the model for the upcoming negotiations between AMPTP and the WGA, which are scheduled to begin on March 23, although these discussions will also address unique issues for writers. The current WGA pact expires on May 1. Negotiations on a new SAG-AFTRA would follow. His contract expires on June 30. The DGA also stated that the reduction of the budget-made series for SVOD will now be included in the new contract, which extends the scope to many other series. In addition, the new agreement eliminates the “papying” of serial conditions that began to produce during a previous contract. The DGA`s steering committee announced Saturday that it had unanimously approved the agreement. The guild revealed that the deal includes a significant increase in the residue of high-budget streaming content, retirement, salaries and TV creative rights. “The future is what motivates us, and you see it in this agreement,” said DGA President Thomas Schlamme. “Given that the change in the sea in streaming, which we have been hoping for so long, is outpacing the industry and that new services continue to be commercialized, this crucial agreement that increases the remains of streaming beyond traditional television levels is a great victory for our members thanks to our co-chairs of the negotiations, Jon Avnet and Todd Holland, and our intrepid chief negotiator. , National Executive Director Russ Hollander. This section includes the DGA agreements, including the Basic Agreement (BA), the Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement (FLTTA) and the Trade Agreement.

It also contains the DGA Creative Rights Handbook and rate cards. We hope you find this section informative and useful, whether you are a DGA member or employer. DGA President Thomas Schlamme said in a statement: “I am proud to report that our members voted overwhelmingly in favour of ratification of the new treaty. At a time of enormous uncertainty, when we are all feeling the weight of this current pandemic, it is reassuring to our members to know that when the industry resumes production, a strong new agreement awaits them. Negotiators from the DGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers reached an agreement on March 4, after four weeks of discussions. The DGA`s current three-year contract with AMPTP expires on June 30. “We have reached an excellent agreement for our members and for the industry. In the first year of the agreement, we crossed the impenetrable ceiling of 3% of our economic package, achieving strong wage increases, while achieving another important priority: safeguarding our members` retirement plans into the future,” said Holland. In addition, we have made great strides in the creative rights of the television director and obtained the impossible to involve theatre film directors, having pushed employers to defend themselves on this issue for years. This is the beginning of a new day.┬áNeither side gave details, but the guild said they would be made available after the agreement was submitted to the Guild`s National Council for approval at a special board meeting scheduled for Saturday.