Delivery Agreement Outcomes

The legally binding agreement (concluded in accordance with the provisions of this Framework Agreement) for the provision of services between a buyer and the supplier. Digital results, digital specialists, user search studios or research users, to be provided by the provider as part of a call contract. 9.13) In the event of a specific change in legislation over the lifetime, which has a significant impact on the provision of services or the price range of the framework contract, the supplier will inform the SCC of the likely effects of such change. This implies the need for a change in the services, the price range of the Framework Agreement or this Framework Agreement. 9.2) This Framework Agreement may be amended if CCS informs the Supplier that it wishes to amend the provisions of this Framework Agreement (including any modifications proposed by the Supplier) and provides the Supplier with full written details of such proposed amendment. Both parties must approve the amendment and a written amendment agreement must be signed by both parties. 9.3) If the parties fail to reach an agreement within (30) business days of notification, CSC may either: 2.1) Digital Results Providers provide teams to research, test, design, create, edit, edit, support or hire a digital service. Buyers set the order. 8.9) The supplier will provide a total price for the delivery of the result. Any subcontractor of the supplier or any person mandated by the supplier for the provision of the digital services, as permitted by this Framework Agreement, in accordance with clause 9.18. . As described in section 84 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as amended from time to time. 2.7) User research will influence the development of all government digital services.