Child Support Agreement Philippines

Section 218. The school, its administrators and teachers, or the person, institution or institution responsible for the custody of children, shall have special parental responsibility for the minor child, while under his or her authority, instruction or care. I am the father and my son has been with me since birth We were separated and the only reason was communication about the child. I would like to ask if it is legal to demand help like 50-50 aid, because we have the same amount of money/salary. It`s just that it`s rare in my case. Most cases here is that the mother has a child, but my case has been with my son since birth. Hello. I thought about throwing an action on my son`s father. We are not married, but my son`s name is registered under his father, he confirmed and signed the birth certificate. My son is now 10 years old and my ex-teammate is already married and has a child.

They live in the Middle East, and I`m also settled in the ocean region, and my son is with my parents in Manila. I am a full-time single mother, especially when it comes to financial needs that are not visible every day right now, but I make sure that all of my son`s expenses are taken into account. My ex-partner and I, as well as his wife, are fine, but in civilian clothes. I have tried so many times to reach them when it comes to helping children, I have tried to be diplomatic and act as a properly educated person, but no response and no discussion from him regarding the same. I used all the modest words, the beautiful statements that could help him understand the situation and my point of view and bring them to his understanding. But none of them clarified their meanings. He once told me that he would not give any support to our child, knowing that I deserve three times what he is. He will only send material things such as chocolates, toys, clothes, shoes (which are not really necessary, most only according to wishes, but not according to needs) and money like P3000.00 to P5000.00 (what can we buy today with this amount?), just during my son`s birthday or Christmas. It`s been like this for 8 years. What worries me is that no matter how big my salary and my opportunities to earn money shouldn`t hurt her support for her son.

My family and friends advise me to take the situation to the next step, but I am always hesitant, because I know it would take a lot of time, money and effort. Another thing is that my parents are not getting younger, and no one will be able to help with treatment in the Philippines if I work abroad. I`m not a rich lady who can pay the brightest lawyers in the country, I have other priorities that I have to deal with first. He would be really grateful if you could guide me, please, what is best to do, options, expenses, pros and cons and percentage to get what my son deserves….