Can You Have A 2 Year Tenancy Agreement

Hey to everyone. I have a question. Is it possible for the owner to give me a month to leave the house on January 10th? As long as I am with my wife and child and I no longer have a lease after 5 years. Living in this house! What can I do? Thank you and wait for your advice! Again, I should read the contract, but it expires at the end of 12 months, you may be required to inform the owner/agent of your intention not to extend. If the other tenant remains in the property, they will have legally created a legal exercise tenancy agreement, but you are not bound to it. If not, do you pay rent? If you are not a tenant and pay rent, then you have a rental agreement, even if it is not written, and your landlord would probably need a court order to remove you. You need to get specific legal advice because this is not a direct issue of your lease and the original IP should have the owner`s details, if you can`t ask for it and if the broker doesn`t provide it, you`re entitled to temporarily withhold the rent until they do. You and your landlord may have entered into agreements on the lease, and they will be part of the lease as long as they do not conflict with the law. You and your landlord have legal rights and obligations. The rental agreement can give you and your landlord more than your legal rights, but no less than your legal rights. If a clause in the lease gives you less than your legal rights to your landlord, this clause cannot be applied.

I just wanted to clarify this point if you confuse two months` notice with a one-year period without an explicit break clause, because that would mean that you had to stay for one year and resign for 10 months. Hello, my son and his family have rented a house for the last 6 months, where they are very happy and have no plans to move in the near future. At the beginning of the tenancy, they paid a down payment plus 6 months` rent in advance. The rent came back and they thought they might have to pay 6 months in advance, which they were more than prepared for. However, they have been informed by the landlords that they have to pay 12 months` rent in advance to stay in the house. Can you ask suddenly, since my son and his wife only budgeted 6 months in advance, not 12 months? Over the last six months, they`ve spent a lot of money decorating the house, and it`s spotless. You don`t know why the landlord now claims 12 months` rent in advance. I hope there`s someone out there who can help us. If they don`t agree, then tip it over, talk to the landlord, say they want them to release you from your commitment and terminate the lease that gives you your down payment in its entirety and provides you with a positive reference. Hello, I need some advice. I have a six-month fixed-term contract and I have to resign prematurely for personal reasons. My Tendancy contract stipulates for termination: 1 End of lease 1.1 If the tenant intends to clear at the end of the fixed term or at a later date, he agrees to send in writing the broadcast message to the assigned property manager at least thirty days before the 1st of each month.

1.2 While the lease is periodic, the 30-day written notification must expire the day before the rent due date. 1.3 If the tenant intends to erase the breach date of the contract described in paragraph 1.6 above, he agrees to grant the termination by recommended letter to the designated real estate administrator at least thirty days before the written notification of the breach of contract.