Asbestos Removal Framework Agreements

Hanover is seeking expressions of interest from experienced and qualified suppliers for asbestos measurement services and asbestos demining work under 5-year framework contracts as follows: – Lot 1: Asbestos Survey Contract (Northern Region) – Lot 2: Asbestos Survey Contract (Eastern Region) – Lot 3: Asbestos Measurement Contract (South Region) – Lot 4 : Asbestos Removal Contract (Western Region) – Lot 5: Asbestos Removal Contract (Northern Region) – Lot 6: Asbestos Asbestos Removal Contract (Eastern Region) – Lot 7: Asbestos Asbestos Asbestos Removal Contract (Southern Region) – Lot 8: Asbestos Disinflation Contract (Western Region) Services and work under the Contracts Call contracts under framework contracts can take up to 10 years. – Obtain accurate data on adjudicator powers so that asbestos registries and plans can remain up to date. The framework is obtained by Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) on behalf of its members and other organisations described in Section VI.3 as authorized users. Appeal contracts that must be entered into in accordance with the framework agreements to be concluded after the conclusion of the contracting may extend up to two years beyond the expiry of the four-year framework period. Please note that the total potential value shown in point II.1.5 is proportional to the entire 4-year framework and that lots and membership in the MEA may increase over the life of the framework. The framework will support MEA members by providing a cadre for certified contractors to the latest UKAS standards with appropriate experience in conducting asbestos analysis studies and services, as well as asbestos disposal, clean-up and disposal work, in accordance with the 2012 Asbestos Control Regulation and any relevant legislation. , approved codes of conduct (ACOPs) and HSE guidelines. – All other asbestos disposal work is Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) a non-profit consortium that creates and manages a series of framework agreements.