Artist Agent Agreement

If you have other legal requirements, check out our full list of customizable service agreements for each industry. Other names in this document: artist agent contract, artists` representative contract 4. Commissions. The Contractor is entitled to the following commissions: (A) For assignments secured by the Agent during the term of this Contract, _________ (%) percentage of the invoice. (B) On home accounts _________ Percentage of billing. For the purposes of this Agreement, house accounts are defined as accounts that the Artist has received at any time or that have been received from another representative representing the Artist prior to the commencement of this Agreement and which is set out in Annex (A) annexed to this Agreement. Both parties believe that no commission is paid for orders refused by the artist or for which the artist does not receive payment, regardless of the reason why payment is not made. In addition, no commission (A) or (B) above is payable for any part of the invoicing due to the costs incurred by the artist during the execution of the order, whether or not these costs are reimbursed by the customer. In the event that a lump sum is paid by the customer, it is reduced by the amount of the costs incurred by the artist during the execution of the order, and the agent`s commission must be paid only on the fees as a reduction in expenses. 14. Modifications and Merger. All amendments to these agreements are subject to writing.

This agreement includes the full understanding of the parties. Artist agent contracts are contracts between an artist and his agent/agency. The Agency represents the artists and carries out commissioned work for the artist. It is not an achievable task for a professional artist to create art, get commissioned work, and promote and close deals. Agencies therefore represent the artist and take advantage of themselves in the monetary sense of the term. 9. Resignation. This Agreement may be terminated by any Party by written notice to the other Party. If, after the date of termination, the artist receives orders from clients initially received by the agent during the term of this contract, the commission referred to in paragraph 4 (A) must be paid to the agent in the following circumstances.

If the agent has represented the artist for six months or less, the agent receives a commission on orders received by the artist within days of the date of termination. This period shall be increased by __________