Aeu Agreement 2021

It will continue to operate after that date, unless it is terminated or replaced by another company agreement. The current VGSA has a nominal expiry date of April 30, 2021. Among the highlights of the 2016 negotiations, when the agreement was last reached, as the ITA found, there was an annual salary increase of 3 percent, 15 days off for co-educators and pay equity with school teachers for the first level of early childhood teachers (an additional 13 percent) and pay equity with teachers at the highest level. early childhood stockings (8 percent more). If the agreement is ratified by the members of the AEU, the Fair Work Act 2009 requires the agreement to vote on all staff covered by the agreement. The VECTEA Agreement is an important corporate agreement that governs the Victorian Community sector. Despite COVID-19, we remain on track to start negotiations for a new agreement before the end of the year. The current Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017 (VGSA2017) expires in April 2021. The current Victorian Government Schools Agreement expires in April 2021. The AEU has started preparing negotiations on the next agreement. The minutes of the damage process are your opportunity, as a member, to inform the WEA of the most important issues. Their elected representatives on the ITA leadership team and the 100 members of the joint council for the primary and secondary sectors will discuss and vote on the final protocol of the claims that will be submitted to the government next year. .

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