300 Norma Mag a€“ Ballistics and quality contrast, 300 Norma Mag Background

300 Norma Mag a€“ Ballistics and quality contrast, 300 Norma Mag Background

In this post, wea€™re going to examine:

300 Norma Mag Background

The 300 Norma am chose by SOCOM towards brand new expert Sniper Rifle (ASR) match because impressive additional ballistics.

You could be wondering, a€?Isna€™t every game picked for the ballistics?a€? Perfectly, all depends.

Since you may determine, discover three kinds of ballistics, interior, outside, and terminal.

  • Inside ballistics makes reference to the proceedings in the gun
  • Exterior ballistics represents what is happening between your weapon as well desired
  • Terminal ballistics denotes what happens whenever bullet interacts making use of the goal

Frequently beat become chosen (by an individual, police force team, or military crowd) because of the length, fat, interior ballistics, and/or terminal ballistics.

Inner ballistics is very important as soon as things such as reducing recoil or maximizing barrel lifestyle are needed. And terminal ballistics were a key factor when there are issues about self-protection or shopping a€?stopping electrical.a€?

Ammunition Measurements

The length of an ammunition is vital if your customer is intending to maximize potential or decrease how big is the firearma€™s activity. The actual load of a cartridge is very important if numerous beat must certanly be held for too long distances/periods of times.

The 300 Norma mag is dependent off of the 338 Norma Mag situation necked down seriously to accept a .30 quality bullet. It’s also built away from the same adult ammunition like the 338 Lapua maga€¦.the 416 Rigby. So a bolt with a large look is which indicates a substantial action (and a large/heavy rifle).

300 Norma Mag Ballistics

The 300 Norma Mag introduces a 220gr .308 topic just over 3,000 fps. Thata€™s 4,400 ft/lbs of one’s energy!

The 300 Norma Mag really shines if it is shooting often the 230gr Berger crossbreed bullet a€“ this round have an out-of-this planet 0.743 Ballistic Coefficient (BC)! (should you decidea€™re looking to discover more about BC, pay a visit to Chapter 10 on the long-range capturing Handbook) If crammed up to 3,000 fps, this topic within the 300 Norma Mag will always be supersonic to 1,500 yards! This can be as long as a much heavier weight 300gr SMK recorded away from a 338 Lapua can make it before it looks subsonic! Although the 300 Norma will simply posses 80percent regarding the focus of the 338 Lapua during that distance with free canadian chat room without registration those bullets, could continue to succeed around precisely, with much less recoil. An additional benefit with the 300 Norma Mag certainly is the as a whole duration is much shorter versus 338 Lapua Mag a€“ actually effectively alike size due to the fact 300 Earn Mag.

They takes flatter and also has little wind float than ita€™s best counter-parts, the 338 Lapua while the 30 Nosler.

But are a bigger dimension cartridge in comparison to 30 Nosler (large bolt face/action and fewer publication ability), they declines behind to the terminal ballistic fuel of the 338 Lapua (until it gets in close proximity to 2,000 meters), and, maybe simple greatest criticism, it is far from a consistent cartridgea€¦. it is not employed by additional people in your army nor any government.

Very, the 300 Norma try a wonder-round in writing. And, it is actually lightweight recoiling versus 338 Lapua. But Ia€™m perhaps not believing that it’s wise to pursue the latest/greatest and greatest performing around. After all, therea€™ll often be something which occurs afterwards that feature greater external ballistics. When that occurs, the armed forces (especially) shouldna€™t raceway to take on the fresh new sequence right at the cost of brand new rifles, new bullets sources, and instruction.

Leta€™s start to see the 300 Norma Magnuma€™s ballistics to 2,000 meters:

That’ll or may not looks outstanding for your requirements. Leta€™s examine it to a different calibers for point of view.

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